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eLearning for Students

NUS provides a number of elearning resources for students to facilitate their learning. These range from notebook ownership schemes, content authoring tools, IT training, online courses to digital media centres to access multimedia resources.

Notebook Ownership Scheme launched in 1997 by Computer Centre 

For more information on this scheme, notebook models and prices, software provided and frequently asked questions and support, visit this website.

Each notebook acquired comes pre-installed with wireless connectivity, NUS-specific content and utilities and content authoring software.
Enterprise Wide Wiki & Blog Service

Wiki.nus is a wiki service for NUS staff and students. This service is powered by Confluence on our servers.

With a wiki, you have a web page that selected people (or anyone) can edit. You can:

  • build a knowledgebase
  • share resources
  • collaborate on projects

Blog.nus is a blog platform for academic, educational, research and administrative use in NUS. It is powered by the popular WordPress system and is hosted by Edublogs Campus.

Students and staff create a blog for:

  • personal learning/reflection
  • your department, module, tutorial class or any other group
  • departmental/faculty news blog
  • event or conference
Mind-mapping Software -

CIT has launched a online mindmapping tool for staff and students. This tools, powered by Mindomo, enables you to create mindmaps which can be accessed on the web, embedded in other websites, shared with other users and edited when necessary.

Many people already use pen and paper mindmaps to take notes, develop ideas and organise thoughts. With the online mindmapping tool, you can continue doing these, with the flexibility of editing and reorganising the mindmap to account for changes and updates.

Please contact Mr Lim Han Leong for queries regarding the online mindmapping tool.
Plagiarism Prevention

The Plagiarism Prevention service assists you in detecting web-based plagiarism. This service is provided through Turnitin.com. NUS students can also submit their assignments directly to this service. For more information on using this service, visit our plagiarism prevention website.

If you want to know more about plagiarism, what constitutes plagiarism, penalties regarding plagiarism at NUS, then visit this online eModule called Academic Culture.
Digital Media Centre

Use the facilities at the Digital Media Centre to edit and print photos, scan negatives and documents, digitize video and audio (analogue-to-digital conversion), record high-quality audio, and edit video and audio. Except for photo printing, these services are free.

IT-SELF is the online Self-Access English Learning Facility, a language learning resource of the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC).

Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning Student Resources

CDTL provides a list of useful publications, paper and resources for student.